Happy Birthday Ori!

Art by Egg

On this day six years ago (March 11th, 2015), Ori and the Blind Forest was released to the public. And five years later (March 11th, 2020), Ori and the Will of the Wisps followed suit. Today is a very special day for us as we reflect on the outpouring of love and kindness that the community has shown over the last six years. You embraced the story of Ori — the adventure, the art, the music, and we are so thankful!

We had an art challenge on the Ori Discord this past week to celebrate. Here are some of our favorites:

Musical cover by Brand

Shriek and Ori (The Re-ORI-chestration) by CODENAME Shadow

Short story written by Stagetr

Ori tilted his head, watching his mother excitedly rush around the cave they called home. She moved pots and bags this way and that, preparing… something in a small cauldron which she wouldn’t let Ori peer into. Naru saw him watching and chuckled, walking over and rubbing his head, inciting a pur from him. “Just a few more minutes Ori.” He nodded, staying patiently seated.

True to her word, Naru was soon done, putting out the fire which sat beneath the secretive cauldron, and carefully pouring out a bit of its contents into a bowl, obscuring his vision so that he couldn’t see what it was. Regardless, Ori thought it smelled absolutely delicious, and his stomach hungrily.

Naru put a lid onto the bowl, and brought it over to him, taking the lid off to reveal a mix of vegetable soup; Ori’s favorite. He squeaked happily, bouncing around in joy and leaping into his mother’s waiting arms. “Thank you mama!”

Naru laughed brightly while she hugged him, patting his head gently. “Make sure you let it cool down so you don’t burn yourself, alright?”

He squeaked and nodded, overjoyed. “I will mama!”

Naru’s face was painted with a soft smile, and she rubbed Ori’s head alongside his happy purring. “Happy sixth birthday, Ori.”

Art by Francypants

Art by Soap

Art by Justonaut

Art by Geobirb

Art by Ender

Art byHaziq

Art by Blade

Art by bao51grn

Art by Brand

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Art by TytonidaeDraco

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Art by RYTY

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