Last Week on Ori and the Blind Forest!

Hello, Ori fans! Today we are spotlighting Ori and the Blind Forest fan art that will hit you right in the feels! Ori and Naru have such a special friendship, let’s take a look at some fan art that really captures the emotion!

First up, is a piece titled, “Naru and Ori” by artist Leassel on Deviant Art:


The expression of love and caring between Naru and Ori makes this art simply glow.

Next up is a piece titled, “Ori and Naru” by artist CeliaCoca from Deviant Art. A cat-like Ori sleeps contently as Naru’s smiles protects and shelters their friendship. So sweet!

ori_and_naru_by_celiacoca-d8olcby And finally, here is a piece of artwork we found by Ori fan artist, Annaversusart on Tumblr! Anna comments, “I fell in love with Ori and the Blind Forest at the E3 Xbox Conference and wanted to draw them. The trailer gave me so many feels.”


That’s it for this week! We hope you enjoyed this heartfelt selection of fan art! Do you have Ori and the Blind Forest fan art you would like us to share? Or do you have a suggestion for what art we should showcase? Let us know!