Last Week in Ori and the Blind Forest!

Hey, Ori fans! It’s a new showcase of Ori and the Blind Forest fan art! This time we are highlighting the main antagonist of the game, Kuro! Kuro is a massive owl with dark indigo feathers that frame her pale face. Her eyes are natural orange until her corruption changes them to a glowing bright white.

The art piece titled, “Ori and Kuro” by artist Creature-Cave (Deviant Art) captures the threatening power of Kuro quite eloquently. ori_and_kuro_by_creature_cave-d9xqcbw

You can feel the storming vengeance that rages within Kuro and her raptor focus on Ori.

In juxtaposition, this untitled image shows the curious, nurturing side of Kuro. Note her quizzical orange eyes as she looks down at Ori and Naru. Artist Aliciaveblog of Tumblr also weaves a quiet image of awe and wonder. We love the colors and the framing of the moon.


A moonlight piece by Deviant Art artist Mellodee illustrates the looming size of Kuro in relation to Ori. Within the mystical blue light of Nigel, these two foes regard each other silently.


“This game blew me away. I was immediately inspired and had to create something. I hope you guys like it.” writes artist, lukacuki of Deviant Art. His piece titled, “Ori and the Blind Forest” focuses on the all-encompassing power of Kuro.


Do you have a favorite character or theme you would like featured as Ori fan art? Do you create art you would like to share? Let us know in the comments!