Last Week in Ori and the Blind Forest

Hello, Ori fans! Welcome to the latest showcase of fan art for Ori and the Blind Forest! Many fans express that the game is so rich in imagery, it easily inspires countless talented artists to pick up a pencil, paintbrush or digital pen to create an image of their own. This week we will look at some colorful artwork featuring a well known supporting character in the game – Gumo. Gumo is a long-limbed, dark-colored creature with bright round eyes and spiny fur at the top of his spherical head. He is very flexible, capable of gripping and climbing difficult places, making him resemble some sort of spider.

First up is a colorful image by artist Scott Shi, titled, “Ori and his Friends” found on Scott writes in his comments, “I love the game!” Lots of vibrancy and expressions of friendship in this art.


Another super colorful image to make your eyes pop is by artist Neytirix of Deviant Art. This piece titled, “Ori and the Blind Forest” is a vibrant rainbow of characters. Check out those little glowing bunnies as well. I want one.


With a tamer palette of colors, comes the last piece showcased this week. Artist Greg, of @RumLockerArt Twitter fame, created this fan art. In contrast to the previous images, this one shows off the quirkier side of Gumo. That’s quite the crooked grin. Possibly to be featured in random nightmares. 😉


So there you have it for this week! Give these artists some love in the comments. Do you have any Ori fan art you’d like to share? Let us know!