Last Week in Ori and the Blind Forest

Hello, Ori fans! This week we are showcasing fan art involving Ori’s ever-present and supportive guide, Sein! Sein is a little creature of blue and white light, containing the power of the Spirit Tree and acts as both a guide and a weapon to Ori as they journey to restore Nibel. That’s a good friend to have. Let’s take a look at some art!

This first piece is by Deviant Art artist, LadyKazegami and titled, “Ori Fan Art.” Note Ori’s gesture towards Sein. The emotional connection really comes across in this lovely piece. The artist writes, “I had planned on doing an Ori and the Blind Forest fan art for quite a while now, since I adore the game! It’s not only beautiful but gorgeous and magical in any way possible.”


Next up is artwork by Deviant Art artist Frogger1093. (Deviant Art has so many amazing artists! Right?) This piece simply titled, “Ori” takes a different approach to Sein, accenting movement and wondrous light aspects.


Artist Rodney Amirebrahimi on created this powerful art featuring Sein, Ori and Kuro. Titled, “Ori and the Blind Forest,” we love the use of light and shadow in this piece. The swirling movement of Sein as well as Kuro’s eyes really stands out! Rodney says he is a self-taught artist and professional nerd/gamer.


We’d love to encourage you to create some Ori art of your own! Whether you are professionally trained, self taught, just starting out, or a life-long artist …create some Ori and the Blind Forest fan art to share with us! We would love to see it.