Last Week in Ori and the Blind Forest!

Hello, Ori fans and welcome to the latest showcase of fan art! We love how passionate and creative the Ori community can be!

First up is this playful piece of Ori and Naru, by artist Bewareitbites, titled “Ori and the Blind Forest,” that we found on So very fun!


Next, is another Deviant Art piece, by artist Fierying, titled “Escaping the Ginso Tree.” We love the amount of emotion captured in this image!


And finally, we give you this conceptual image by artist xyGowenxy (on Deviant Art) titled “Ori and the Blind Forest.” An interesting aspect of this art is the creation of unique creatures not found in the game. Only described by the artist as, “dark creatures” we think they could fit well in the Ori world. What do you think?


All beautiful images created by fans of Ori and the Blind Forest! Let us know if you see some fan art we should spotlight here in the future!