Last Week in Ori and the Blind Forest!

Hello and welcome to another spotlight on Ori and the Blind Forest fan art! This week we focus on Ori’s nurturing friend, Naru. When Ori became separated from the Spirit Tree during the Great Storm, Naru discovered the young spirit and raised it as her own child.

This first piece of fan artwork can by found on Deviant Art by artist Meodrawf. The art is titled, “Ori and the Blind Forest.” Lots of emotion of friendship and affection in this piece!


Next up is glowing image by Deviant Art artist, ArcaneAvis titled “Ori and the Blind Forest Fan Art.” We really love the luminescent lighting and the line-style of the drawing. Super pretty!


Last up is a playful Naru image but Anton51 of Deviant Art’s site, titled, “Ori’s Guardian.” This simple yet playful piece captures the unassuming and happy nature of Naru. You can’t help but smile!


We hope you enjoyed this selection of Ori and the Blind Forest fan art! Do you know of art that we should showcase? Do you have a favorite character? Let us know!