Ori and the Blind Forest: Fan Art!

Welcome to a new spotlight on fan art from the talented fans of Ori and the Blind Forest! This week, we will be taking an appreciative look at Ori and Naru’s friendship! Art is a fantastic way to express emotions and Ori can certainly invoke some deep feelings!

First up is an art piece about companionship and caring. A childlike Ori is being guided by a content Naru in this piece by Deviant Art artist, Jgu112. The vibrant colors and the look of friendship shared between these two characters just warms the heart.


On a more playful note, Naru gives Ori a moonlit ride as this pair share a firefly moment of friendship and tranquility. This quiet and happy art is created by Asurocks and is titled, “Ori and the Blind Forest.” This looks like a fun, night time romp!


Here is a moment of statifaction and slumber by artist LizaKox with a piece found on her Pinterest. “A little piece I did after finishing Ori and the Blind Forest,” she notes. “Absolutely love this game!” So sweet! You can practically hear the characters snoring. 🙂


What emotions do you think of when you see Ori and Naru? Their friendship is a deep and caring one and we are happy to highlight this amazing pair!