Ori and the Blind Forest: Fan Art


“We shall always remember the night.” Today we will be looking at some emotionally-charged Ori and the Blind Forest fan art! Images from talented artists aren’t too hard to find. But these spotlighted pieces will grab your heart and make you remember just how touching it was to play through and experience the game.

“When Cries Were Met with Silence,” is the title of a piece by Deviant Art artist Tinticy. They also write, “Here’s something special I wanted to share, it’s drawing of Ori feeling despair. Roaming the forest, heading nowhere, losing a loved one is too much to bear.”

Ori’s loss of Naru was a deep moment felt by many gamers. Early in the game, we all realized this narrative was going to be as rich and lush as the game’s visuals.

“This scene was so sad. I decided to redraw it because it was so sad yet absolutely beautiful at the same time,” notes Deviant Art artist GrimmNibbens. Titled, “Ori Hope,” this piece captures the heavy emotion and struggle of our little glowing Ori. The game created an amazing and sublime mixture of heartache and hope.

Another image by Deviant Art artist GrimmNibbins captures the moment where Naru reminds Kuro of love and the power of nurturing bonds. Remember how these characters connected and shared a common memory of love for something small, precious, and fragile?

These were just a few of the wonderful, heartfelt moments found in Ori and the Blind Forest. We hope you enjoyed this emotional look at this fan art showcase. Do you have a favorite memory from the game or a moment that has stuck in your heart? Let us know in the comments!