Ori and the Blind Forest: Fan Art!

Hello, Ori players and welcome to a new spotlight on Ori and the Blind Forest fan art! This week we are going to celebrate the different art styles that Ori can inspire. Do you love Ori but don’t think you can emulate the exact style of the game? Take a look at this amazing art and realize your expression is beautiful too!

First up is some amazing art by artist Eloel of Deviant Art with a piece titled, “Naru – Ori and the Blind Forest.” Not like the game at all, but this piece’s style is so charming with its clay-like depth. It’s wonderful!


Shifting to another art style is work by Deviant Art artist Reysi, titled, “Fan art Ori.” This playful and emotional piece perfectly represents the fun-loving aspect of Ori.


Switching styles yet again, let’s look at work by Deviant Art artist Arneipia. Titled, “Ori and the Blind Forest,” this work has an anime-like quality to it yet the colors, vibe, and composition still convey Ori at its heart. Very well done.


So there you have it! 3 completely different styles that also deviate from the original look and feel of the game, but all still capture the essence of what is Ori and the Blind Forest. I hope this encourages you to use your own style to express what it is you love about Ori. Do you have fan art to share? Let us know!