Ori and the Blind Forest: Fan Art!

Hello and welcome to a new showcase of the very best in Ori and the Blind Forest fan art. This art can be so good, you might wonder if you are looking at official art for the game. No my friends, this is all pure independent talent from artists out there whose love of the game shines through in their work. Let’s take a look!

First up is a piece by artstation.com artist Florian Coudray. Greatly inspired by Ori and the Blind Forest, Florian and fellow designers Alex Accorsi, Didier N’guyen, Christophe Famaro created this art during a game week student project. It’s hard to believe this isn’t art directly from the Ori game. 🙂


“Deep into the Woods” is fan art by Lucas Prince of artstation.com. Lucas created a series of illustrations based on Ori, paying attention to color, vibe, and the signature environment of the game. The results are stunning.


Saving the mind-blowing concept fan art for last, is piece titled “Character Idea” by artstation.com artist Inaki Andonegi. Inaki writes, “Trying to imagine a character for Ori… I’m a huge fan of the game.” He imagines a creature that captures the spirit of the Ori game- a mystical being of formidable light. This forest giant is so amazing.


So there you have it! Rub your eyes and reassure yourself this is fan art. It is amazing how week after week, new art can be discovered by such gifted artists. Keep up the great work and we would love to feature you here!

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