Ori and the Blind Forest: Fan Art!

Let’s take a look at some new fan art for Ori and the Blind Forest! No theme this week, other than amazing work!

Speaking of, give a glance at this wonderful vector-style art by Deviant Art artist bloodthirstykitten with their piece titled, “Ori and the Blind Forest: Float.” The artist notes, “Another one of my favorite games visually, I’ve been wanting to do Ori art for weeks.” We love the use of color and negative vs. positive shapes.


In a art piece titled, “Ori fanart” artist Cruelus on Deviantart.com captures some lovely color and depth in this simple yet serene image.


Lastly, let’s switch from cool colors to the warmest reds and golds of the setting sun. Appropriately titled, “Sunset” by Deviant Art artist ProtoRC, this piece captures Ori nicely in a color palette not seen much in the game.


Are you a fan of Ori and the Blind Forest? Do you have some art to share with us? Let us know and you may be featured here!