Ori and the Blind Forest: Fan Art!

It’s a new week and a new showcase of amazing fan art for Ori and the Blind Forest! We’ll explore some powerful and lighthearted art that feature iconic characters from the game.

First up is a dramatic image by artstation.com artist Charline Forns. The use of shadow and darkness really emphasizes the immense threat of Kuro over Ori. Kuro’s looming size is very nicely depicted as well as Ori’s vulnerability. This art piece nicely executes a range of expression from danger to eloquent grace.


Switching to a sweeter, more casual style is an art piece titled, “Give Me Light” by Deviant Art artist, Foxeaf. This work portrays the friendship and playfulness between Naru and Ori with a lovely use of color and brightness. Ori’s expression is so adorable! give_me_light_by_foxeaf-db47hbe

“Ori Kuro” is an image created by Deviant Art artist, Ianfanarts. The juxtaposition of the scorching flames against the cool night air is quite dramatic! The artist notes on their page, “I’m in love with this game, everything is beautiful, story, soundtrack, graphics.”


It is so wonderful that a game can inspire so much creative expression. Do you have Ori and the Blind Forest fan art that you would like showcased on our blog? Do you have a favorite character or theme you would like us to feature? Let us know!