Ori and the Blind Forest: Fan Art!

Hello and welcome to this week’s fan art spotlight! This time we are looking at some amazing Ori and the Blind Forest illustrations from talented fans of the game! There are a variety of styles and color treatments so let’s take a look!

First up is a lovely, atmospheric piece by Deviant Art artist, NeviNakuta. Nevi writes, “Here is a fanart of Ori and the blind forest I did a while ago. Man, I love everything from that game.” This image has a wonderful balance of color throughout with sections that really allow the hues to pop! Don’t miss Gumo and Naru as you explore this piece!


Switching color to a more dream-like, glowing palette is this piece appropriately titled, “Forest Dreamscape” by Deviant Art artist, Static-ghost. Cozy yet haunting, this image manages to invoke feelings of slumbering nighttime and a slight hint of the threat of surrounding darkness. Take a look at those spiky thorns that frame the scene. (We are all familiar with those!) Is this art cute or scary? Both?


Here’s an adorably vibrant piece by Deviant Art artist, Nukacola-Quantum. (We hope we never run out of Deviant Art work!) This beautiful image is titled, “Ori and the Blind Forest Fanart.” Rich in color and texture, this image just pulls you right in.

1_by_nukacola_quantum-d8m0cunKeep creating that wonderful artwork out there! Do you have Ori and the Blind Forest fan art that you would like showcased on our blog? Do you have a favorite character or theme you would like us to feature? Let us know!