Ori and the Blind Forest: Fan Art!

Hello, Ori fans! Welcome to a new spotlight on fan art inspired by Ori and the Blind Forest. This week’s focus has a lot of amazing talent that we are excited to share with you!

Give a look at this ethereal artwork created by artist Field-of-Reeds on Tumblr who posted, “Thinking about Ori and the Blind Forest a lot.” You can almost see the shimmering motion of the Northern Lights in this tranquil night scene. Ori glows with a light of his own as he gazes up at the beautiful of the night sky. There’s an immense journey ahead for Ori here that you can feel in your heart.


Changing tones and art palettes is a piece by artist Natalia Lukyanova of ArtStation.com titled, “Ori and the Blind Forest.” The sketch quality of the line work draws out the dramatic color. The emotions of playfulness and bond of friendship is strong in this image.


Finally, we’ll leave with this touching artwork that will surely encourage a snooze. “Afternoon Nap” was created by ArtStation.com artist Alexsandra Wojtas. She writes, “A small practice painting of Ori and Naru, since I just finished the amazing game.” The warm tones and coziness of this image really draws you into it.


Never stop creating that wonderful artwork out there! Do you have Ori and the Blind Forest fan art that you would like showcased on our blog? Do you have a favorite character or theme you would like us to feature? Let us know!