Ori and the Blind Forest – Fan Art!

Hello and welcome to a new spotlight of fan art for Ori and the Blind Forest! This week features some amazing artists who love the game!

“Entrance of Lost Paths” is an art piece by Deviant Art artist omegapainter. He notes that he has been drawing Ori for years and really loves it! The eerie blue of the mushrooms and the glow of the runic symbols are a very nice touch!

Raide-draws-fanart of Tumblr created this next piece of lovely artwork. The choice of colors is dramatic and ethereal. The yellowish green against the darker blues and blacks are very stunning.


Our final piece this week is highly-detailed art by Tumblr artist Fantazyme. Fantazyme writes, “…this game is just breathtaking *_* and those soundtracks …I couldn’t resist of drawing something about it.” Those talons and feathers are amazing!



Have you created some Ori fan art that you would like to share? Do you have an idea for a theme or spotlight when it comes to Ori and the Blind Forest fan art? Let us know!