Featured Fan Artist Shupa Mikey Creates Stunning Animated Speedpainting

Digital artists will often capture and share their entire artistic process in a form of ‘speedpainting’ videos. They are mesmerizing and addicting to watch.

Shupa Mikey, artist and Ori fan, decided to take this concept to the next level. He created an animated scene from Ori and the Blind Forest detailing his escape from the Forlorn Ruins ending with his final finished illustration piece. Check it out below:


Shupa Mikey received his first drawing tablet in 2016 and has been creating digital art ever since. The idea for animated speed painting came to his mind when he wanted a way to creatively show his process and incorporate a visual story. With Ori and the Blind Forest, music and visuals played a big part.

“I decided it would be very cool to have no colors at the beginning, only to bring in color at the most impactful moment of the animation. It is because I wanted to show the ‘flow’ for it to connect to the illustration I have made. While listening to the music itself, it really has helped me imagine my ideas of how the animation would play out.”

Mikey has been an Ori fan since the 2017 E3 Trailer for Will of the Wisps and decided to check out Blind Forest.

“Playing through the entirety of the game has just blown me away, possibly the first time a video game has inspired me so much. It has inspired me to improve on my digital painting and focus environments, landscapes, and creatures! It has inspired me to try and learn new things such as music, VFX. And it has ultimately inspired me in wishing to be a game developer, and introduce myself to Unity! I just wonder what would’ve happened if I never encountered that trailer, and never played Ori and the Blind Forest.”

When asked if he would be creating more animated speedpaintings with Ori, he remained optimistic. For now, he is working on a drawing series called “Ori’s Journey,” a collection chronologically following Ori’s most important moments.

Enjoy the first few pieces he has created for “Ori’s Journey” below:

“The Awakening” by Shupa Mikey

“Embracing the Light” by Shupa Mikey

“Left Alone” by Shupa Mikey

“Ori and Sein” by Shupa Mikey

Check out more of Shupa Mikey’s Art on Twitter, DeviantArt, and Youtube!